0 – 15 Minutes
Doug discusses well pad and well site agreements as surface use agreements which supersede the terms of an oil and gas lease.  Doug explains the need for liability protection and indemnification language in future contracts and surface use agreements.  Doug offers examples of how landowners can be sued and lose indemnification and hold harmless protection by failing to put necessary language in the future surface use agreement.

15 – 30 Minutes & 30 – 45 Minutes
Doug explains future contracts and need for experienced and competent oil and gas attorney.  Landowners must not rely on the oil and gas company landman for representation.  Doug discusses history of landmen interactions with landowners and the need to be cautious when considering signing any oil and gas documentation.

45 – 60 Minutes
Doug explains the value of oil and gas representation including the ability to have any and all documentation reviewed and consultation with The Clark Law Firm, PC.