A Solar Lease Agreement is a commercial lease wherein the property owner becomes the Commercial Landlord, and the solar company becomes the Tenant. Solar Lease Agreements are complicated commercial transactions and must be aggressively negotiated by the property owner. Property owners are not typically familiar with complex commercial leases and must retain the services of an attorney experienced in reviewing and negotiating Solar Lease Agreements. A Solar Lease Agreement is not comparable to a Right-of-Way Agreement, Oil and Gas Lease Agreement, or even a Farmer Tenant Agreement. Solar Lease Agreements typically involve complicated financing provisions that must be reviewed and negotiated.

Solar Lease Agreements create long-term business relationships between property owners and solar companies. The term of a Solar Lease Agreement will be decades long and 20-to-40-year terms are very common. Given that a property owner’s working relationship with the Solar Leasing company may last much of the property owner’s lifetime, it is paramount to negotiate beneficial terms not only for compensation but also to ensure that your land is used in a way that you are comfortable and satisfied with. failure to do so could result in onerous easements on your property, making areas of your property that you never wanted or expected to be included in your agreement unusable. At The Clark Law Firm, Doug Clark will do everything in his power to make sure you have a solar agreement that is both beneficial to you financially and unobtrusive to you and your land. The Clark Law Firm is with you for the long haul, and should any additional offers be made by a company in the future, Doug will be there to help you negotiate.