Solar lease negotiations and solar representation are extremely complicated and should never be undertaken without experienced legal counsel.   As we have seen from oil and gas development, big energy companies know how to create loopholes and draft complex contract terms to be creatively interpreted in the future to the detriment of the property owner.   Solar representation can at times be similar to oil and gas representation; however, make no mistake, solar representation and oil and gas representation are very different.

For starters, solar lease agreements are often 20 to 50 pages in length as opposed to a typical 2 to 4 page oil and gas lease.  Solar agreements generally do not pay royalties to the property ownerinstead, payments are negotiated on a per-acre annual basis. Due to the infancy of solar energy development in Pennsylvania, there is a strong possibility that some solar developers will go bankrupt. Also, due to the lack of information regarding solar energy development, property owners may easily be taken advantage of given the lack of quality legal representation and ability to access critical information.  This creates the opportunity for solar energy companies to take advantage of unknowing property owners. For example, one landowner may be offered $1000 per acre annually as a rental term well another nearby property owner may have an offer for $2500 per acre annually. Property owners must create competition whenever possible to maximize compensation and landowner friendly terms in their solar lease.

Attorney Clark uses his contacts in the solar industry to generate competition and to ensure that every client has the opportunity to sign the best negotiated solar lease available for their situation. Doug represents his clients on an hourly rate basis and does not take contingency fees for any solar lease negotiations.  Any property owner presented with a solar lease agreement or any other solar related issue, should contact Clark law firm regarding potential negotiation negotiation representation, or at a bare minimum, to learn about our review and consultation services. Reviews and consultations typically take only a matter of 1-2 hours and can be done by telephone or in-person.  Do you not to repeat the mistake that so many property owners made negotiating oil and gas leases, call the Clark law firm today for all your solar representation needs.