About Doug
Doug is a 1995 graduate of the University of Akron Law School and licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, The United States Supreme Court, Middle District of Pennsylvania and The Third Circuit Court of Appeals. Learn More.

Attorney Doug Clark in the Clark law firm have made a name for themselves “Protecting Pennsylvania Landowners”.  Doug and the Clark law firm have not, do not, and will not represent oil and gas companies, pipeline companies or solar companies. The Clark law firm is dedicated to property owner representation and takes great pride in Pennsylvania land owners.  The Clark law firm has represented thousands upon thousands of property owners in energy development matters.  Doug continues to represent property owners relative to all oil and gas related issues but has extended his practice to solar energy development and representation.  Doug has represented property owners across Pennsylvania relative to solar development, including Tioga County, Lycoming County, Susquehanna County, Bradford County, and Wayne County Pennsylvania.  Doug uses his knowledge of the solar leasing market to create leasing competition whenever possible to make sure that all clients receive the highest possible compensation. Doug also uses his knowledge of complex contractual agreements to negotiate the best possible contractual language on behalf of his clients. Doug is actively negotiating solar leases with multiple companies and would love the opportunity to represent any Pennsylvania property owner presented with a solar lease or any other energy related issue. Call the Clark law firm today, and let Doug‘s experience and dedication work for you.