Competition is king in solar lease negotiation. Attorney Clark’s first move in most solar leasing negotiation is to determine whether he can generate competition between different solar companies. Solar Leasing competition is crucial to negotiate for the highest compensation available at all stages of the lease, well also giving leverage to more effectively negotiate property protections, company operations limitations, decommissioning terms, and compensation escalation clauses.

Property owners have seen oil and gas lease offers dive down to the lowest levels we have seen in over a decade. The basic reason for reduction in compensation is due to a lack of competition for your lease. However, the solar leasing market is in its infancy, and the property owners often have ability to generate competition for their solar lease. Given that solar energy is a relatively new and exciting market for companies to venture into, many have formed relatively recently. These young companies are in competition with each other to lease the most profitable lands for solar development first. Meanwhile, Doug has used this early stage to develop working relationships with employees at many of these newly formed solar development companies, giving him many contacts he can use for the landowner’s benefit.  Doug typically uses his solar company contact list to seek to generate competition for his clients solar lease and maximize the terms of any future agreement. Do not miss out on the opportunity to generate competition in your solar lease negotiation, call the Clark law firm today, and let Doug‘s solar leasing negotiation experience work for you.