Pennsylvania Landowners’ Experienced Landowner Lawyer

Attorney Douglas Clark has used his oil and gas law experience to proudly represent several hundreds of Pennsylvania Landowners from Susquehanna, Bradford, Wyoming, Sullivan, Tioga, Lycoming, Washington, Green, Potter, Butler, Allegheny, Armstrong, Westmoreland, Lawrence, Mercer, Elk, Potter, Clinton, Clarion, Wayne, Luzerne, Lackawanna, and other counties across Pennsylvania. Doug has negotiated hundreds upon hundreds of Oil and Gas Leases and has also negotiated Pipeline Right-of-Way Easement Agreements with over 40 separate pipeline companies across the entire state of Pennsylvania. Doug’s practices is focused solely on Landowner representation, and he has never and will never represent a solar, gas, or pipeline company. Doug is truly Pennsylvania’s Landowner Lawyer.

Solar leasing is an industry still in its infancy in Pennsylvania, but even this early on Doug has already represented numerous clients and formed working relations ships with many of the most competitive solar leasing companies in the state. To date, our Marcellus Shale clients have leased tens of thousands of acres with cumulative bonus payments exceeding Twenty Million Dollars ($20,000,000.00) and that figure is growing. Our pipeline clients have also obtained millions upon millions of dollars and those numbers continue to grow.

Our clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds and locations, but all seeking an experienced lawyer to assist them in leasing their property.

We are especially proud of our representation of many widows through the often stressful and intimidating leasing process. Our clients all sign experienced attorney negotiated Solar Leases designed maximize their bonus payments and rents while protecting their parcels from Landowner concerns such as unexpected land use, burdensome easements, property damage, and landowner freedom to use their property as they wish.

We have successfully represented numerous families, farmers, hunting clubs, trusts and professionals in securing strong property owner Solar Leases, Pipeline Right-of-Way Agreements, Surface Use Agreements and many more natural gas related contracts.

The Clark Law Firm, PC represents Landowners and gas rights holders from across the country and even other parts of the world. Our past clients include individuals residing in Pennsylvania, Texas, Alaska, California, Georgia, Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Vermont, Canada, London, Micronesia and many other locations. With today’s technology, a client’s location and distance from our office has never proven an issue.

We pride ourselves on knowing or quickly establishing the top market offers for Solar Leases, Oil and Gas Leases and Pipeline Right-of-Way Agreements across Pennsylvania. We use our extensive experience to make certain that our clients are not short-changed by the big companies. Doug is Pennsylvania’s Landowner Lawyer and has the extensive experience to help you. Contact us today!