To learn much more about Doug Clark and The Clark Law Firm, PC click the following link to watch the 1 hour WVIA Business Journal feature of Attorney Doug Clark: Watch the Video

Doug is a 1995 graduate of the University of Akron Law School and licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, The United States Supreme Court, Middle District of Pennsylvania and The Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

Doug has built his legal career on fighting for the little guy. Doug started his career working as a public defender and transitioned to oil and gas law when he had the opportunity to represent his family and saw the need for quality legal representation for property owners. As property owners know, the oil, gas and solar companies have extremely qualified and experienced attorneys working for them. Doug saw the need to create a level playing field where farmers And rural property owners were being taken advantage of due to a lack of information and quality legal representation. Doug felt compelled to dive into oil and gas representation to assist rural landowners to negotiate leases and fight energy companies whenever appropriate. Doug essentially grew up on his grandfather‘s neighboring farm which his father still farms today in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. As Doug says on his radio show quite often, he is extremely proud to have the opportunity to represent and counsel property owners like his father, grandfather, and others in the community in which she grew up.

As Doug’s oil and gas clients begin to approach him regarding solar leases and solar development, Doug Felt obligated to learn and study the solar industry and to translate his oil and gas, land development and contract negotiation negotiation experience to represent landowners relative to solar energy development. Doug Now proudly represents many landowners relative to solar lease negotiations and solar related issues. Doug’s energy practice is consistently growing across all areas of Pennsylvania. Should you have a solar lease offer or any solar energy related issue, make the Clark law firm your first call. Doug stresses the value of at least an initial review and consultation for any landowner presented with a solar lease offer. Doug does all solar lease rate views and consultations personally and they can be done by telephone or in person. Take advantage of Doug‘s dedication and experience, and let the Clark law firm work for you.

In 2007 Doug’s family was approached to lease their Wayne County property and Doug took on the task of negotiating this large lease along with many neighboring properties totaling approximately 2,000 acres. Mostly through word of mouth, other Landowners began to reach out to Doug for assistance and experience in negotiating gas lease offers.

Doug found his calling and quickly made the decision to focus his practice on representing Landowners, and only Landowners, in negotiating all contracts related to Marcellus Shale and natural gas development in Pennsylvania. Doug has negotiated Oil and Gas Leases for hundreds upon hundreds of Landowners and has negotiated pipeline agreements with our 40 separate companies across Pennsylvania. Doug has also represented Landowners across Pennsylvania in negotiating Surface Use Agreements, Roadway Agreements, Meter Site Agreements, Compressor Station Agreements, Water Impoundment Agreements and many other contracts and matters related to natural gas development. Doug’s oil and gas practice expanded rapidly and continues to grow today to include all oil and gas related contracts, royalty issues and disputes, estate planning, and so much more.

In August of 2010 Doug began hosting his Landowner informational radio program, “All Things Marcellus”. Doug has recorded over 175 hours of programming which are indexed by topic and archived at: PAGASLEASEATTORNEY.COM.

Doug has a unique attorney background being raised adjacent to his grandparents’ farm in Armstrong County Pennsylvania where he worked during the summers spent with his grandfather. Through generations of family farmers and steel workers, Doug developed a deep appreciation and respect for the land and the importance of property ownership. Doug has an absolute commitment to Landowners and takes enormous pride in the work he has done on behalf Pennsylvania landowners.

Doug Clark has been featured on the cover of the National Law Journal and has been interviewed by numerous news organizations for his knowledge regarding Pennsylvania oil and gas law and his work relating to Landowner representation. He was also featured on WVIA’s Business Journal television program regarding his Landowner representation and personal story of growing up in rural western Pennsylvania. To learn more about Doug, his history, and work with Landowners you can view the entire Business Journal interview at PAGASLEASEATTORNEY.COM.

Doug is married to Marceea Clark, who manages and runs The Clark Law Firm, P.C., and they reside in Peckville with their two teenage sons.