Doug Clark – “The Landowner Lawyer”

You may be familiar with Attorney Doug Clark for his dedicated representation of thousands of Pennsylvania landowners in oil and gas matters.  Doug has expanded his practice to landowner representation for Solar Issues, including negotiation of Solar Lease Agreements and other Solar Energy related issues.  Doug’s career is dedicated to representation of Pennsylvania property owners and The Clark Law Firm should be your first call for any Solar Development legal representation.

Solar Lease Agreement Negotiations

Solar Lease Agreements are extremely complex legal contacts that may last for decades.  Do not attempt to negotiate a Solar Lease without experienced legal counsel.  Effective Solar Lease Negotiations may generate thousands or even millions more dollars in compensation over the lifetime of the Lease while protecting you from potentially devastating surprises.  Solar Leases are loaded with company friendly loopholes that must be identified and carefully addressed.  Call Attorney Doug Clark at The Clark Law Firm today and let Doug and his experience work for you.

Solar Lease Reviews and Consultations

Property Owners presented with a Solar Lease Agreement should contact The Clark Law Firm today to learn about Doug’s Solar Lease Review and Consultation service.  Reviews and Consultations are an outstanding opportunity to have your Solar Lease offer reviewed by an experienced attorney who will answer your questions and concerns, and provide you the counsel you need to assess your offer and evaluate your options.  Doug uses his knowledge of the solar industry and his negotiation experience to give property owners the information needed to determine your best path forward.  Reviews and Consultations are not limited to Solar Lease offers but include any Solar related issue or contact.  All Solar Lease Reviews and Consultations are available in-person or by telephone and are done on an hourly rate basis.  Call Attorney Doug Clark at The Clark Law Firm today to learn more about our Review and Consultation services.

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