0 – 15 Minutes
Doug discusses Tioga County pipeline agreement market and company offers compared to other counties in PA. Doug emphasizes that the pipeline company landman is not working for the landowner and stresses the value of landowner representation. Doug explains the financial impact of below market pipeline offers and the need to understand your rights to decline any pipeline agreement or negotiate for the highest compensation possible.

15 – 45 Minutes
Doug discusses pipeline ROW option agreements and explains pipeline options and how companies exercise the option or let the option die. Maximizing the upfront option payment and shortening time frame of the company option as important parts of pipeline negotiations. Gas and pipeline companies seek the most vague agreements possible and landowners must eliminate loop holes.

45 – 60 Minutes
Continued explanation of option agreements, landowners need to avoid separate option agreements and must specifically identify location of any easement without giving the company any ability to shift easement to unwanted locations. Negotiations must eliminate surprises in the future. The landowner must protect themselves from liability through indemnification and hold harmless language. Company tricks to allow shifting of easement location in the future over landowner objections.