0 – 15 Minutes
Discussion regarding execution and signing future documents after signing your oil and gas lease. What to look for when the gas or pipeline company asks you to sign agreements or contracts after you have already executed an oil and gas lease or other agreement. Be careful: future agreements may change the terms or possibly cancel language in other prior agreements with natural gas and pipeline companies. Landowners must understand what documents they are singing and what the impact will be on prior agreements they have executed.

15 – 30 Minutes
Doug discusses Pipeline Right of Way Option Agreements and what is required for the pipeline company to “exercise” pipeline rights under the negotiated agreement.  Discussion on possible Affidavits the gas or pipeline company may require.  Doug exposes a sneaky trick by a pipeline company.

30 – 45 Minutes
Discussion continues on exercising options for Pipeline ROW Agreements. Companies may request that the Landowner sign subsequent documents to completely change the payment requirements of the Pipeline ROW Option Agreement. Explanation of pipeline company trick to avoid timely option payment and companies effort to extend exercise of option indefinitely into the future. Excellent example why landowners must understand all natural gas related documents they are signing when requested by gas or pipeline companies. Do not let future documents change negotiated terms in original gas agreements.

45 – 60 Minutes
Doug concludes discussion regarding future documents and concerns when asked to sign subsequent documents after the paid up oil and gas lease. Discussion regarding the value of learning from developed natural gas areas and landowner’s experiences that are a value today in lesser developed areas. How to use experiences from developed natural gas areas when negotiating or considering contracts and agreements presented to landowners in undeveloped or slower developing gas regions in Pennsylvania.