0-15 Minutes:
Doug discusses division orders and the importance for landowners to carefully review unitization documents. Doug explains decimal interests, royalty shares, declaration of pooling and unitization documents (DPUs). What landowners should double check to make sure royalties are paid properly.

15-30 Minutes:
Understanding the potential for future surface development under your natural gas lease. Landowners must understand their agreements moving forward and what may occur on their property. Landman rant, they work for the company, your oil and gas attorney works for you. Unitization issues, division orders and common issues regarding improper royalty payments.

30-45 Minutes:
FERC – Federal Energy Regulatory Commission pipelines, eminent domain and condemnation. Pipeline company option agreements as carrots for the landowner. The importance of understanding if the landowner can refuse or reject the pipeline agreement offer.

45-60 Minutes:
The legal doctrine of apportionment for natural gas royalties. Doug explains the law of apportionment in Pennsylvania and how royalties can be shared between different parcels on the same natural gas lease. Doug explains that separate leases on separate parcels is a high value and how to counter the doctrine of apportionment.