0-15 Minutes:
Doug discusses the importance for landowners to understand oil and natural gas lease and pipeline offers. Negotiation leverage in pipeline agreement and future impact of bad contracts. Pipeline right-of-way compensation and location issues discussed, what to look for.

15-30 Minutes:
Discussion regarding exclusive and perpetual pipeline easement agreements and potential reasons for landowner concerns. A breakdown of specific pipeline terms and easement agreement and discussion regarding areas of caution and problems for landowners.

30-45 Minutes:
Doug reads through specific pipeline right-of-way sample easement agreement. Discusses terms, including future pipelines, surface damages, appraisal issues, location of easement and much more. The importance of getting terms in writing, not verbally presented by company and landman. The power of negotiation.

45-60 Minutes:
Compensation per foot vs. disturbed acre. Pipeline right-of-way agreement Addendum terms discussed. Careful for company presented Addendum terms. Breakdown of Addendum terms in specific agreement. Doug discusses the need for careful drafting of natural gas agreements and examples of issues and problems with company presented Addendums.