0 – 15 Minutes

Doug discusses solely landowner legal representation. Gas lease amendments to modify existing leases and need to understand and negotiate to avoid common mistakes.  The impact of low natural gas prices on lease and pipeline offers and the potential of future gas price increases. The need for landowner representation in selling gas rights and any of these negotiations.

15 – 30 Minutes
Doug discusses representation of landowners across the state of Pennsylvania including Greene County and other southwestern Pennsylvania properties and counties.  The importance of negotiating for your individual and unique circumstances.  Landowner’s acreage may be different, financial situation, unique gas leases, unique pipeline leverage, all come into play to maximize individual circumstances.  Do not rely on your neighbor or your neighbor’s situation to influence your gas lease or pipeline negotiations.  Get individual advice.

30 – 45 Minutes
Discussion regarding selling oil and gas and mineral rights (OGM) and frequent mistakes made by landowners.  Whether you are buying or selling oil, mineral, or gas rights you need at least a review and consultation by a knowledgeable oil and gas attorney to explain potential pitfalls and problems with these transactions.  You must understand your rights and ability to divide the surface and subsurface rights and obtain the highest compensation and enter into sales agreement and deeds without loopholes.  The final agreement must reflect your understanding and intent of the oil and gas transaction.

45 – 60 Minutes
Doug discusses maximizing agreements for sale and compensation for landowners selling oil, gas and mineral rights interests.  Landowners must be careful of brokers from mineral acquisition companies and shop to get the highest compensation.  Before ever agreeing to sell oil and gas or royalty rights landowners should have a review and consultation with a knowledgeable oil and gas attorney.  Landowners must understand loopholes and pitfalls when selling oil and gas rights.  Too many mineral and hydrocarbon deeds and agreements have errors that will impact properties for decades and decades.