The “Reviews and Consultation” services Offered by attorney Doug Clark have been extremely well received by Pennsylvania landowners. Doug talks about the benefits of reviews and consultations quite often on his weekly radio show. Doug routinely receives outstanding feedback regarding the benefits of our review and consultation services.

A review and consultation service is billed at an hourly rate, and typically takes one to three hours total. The service involves sending your solar lease, or any other documentation, to the Clark law firm by way of email, Regular or overnight mail, or facsimile.  Doug then thoroughly reviews the documentation provided in preparation for the consultation conference.  Doug will also conduct any necessary online research and will compare your offer or documentation to others which he has seen in the past. Doug uses his knowledge of the solar leasing market to advise you regarding the compensation you are offered Relative to other offers in your area and across Pennsylvania. Doug also uses his experience in reviewing solar lease agreements to identify company friendly loopholes and other contractual terms that benefit the company and should be eliminated or negotiated. During the review and consultation, attorney Clark answers any and all questions and advises the client on what they need to know about their current offer and any deficiencies or concerns in the documents provided.

Attorney Clark regularly represents property owners from across Pennsylvania and reviews and consultations are often done by telephone or in person at The Clark Law Firm.  Never let distance or location prevent you from calling the Clark Law Firm. Doug has represented clients from all across the United States and even in other countries and distance is rarely ever an issue. Call Doug today and learn more about the review and consultation service that has been a great value to any Pennsylvania land owner considering a lease or other energy development agreement. 

Remember, reviews and consultations usually take one to three hours in our billed on an hourly basis.  Do not be taken advantage of by a solar or energy company, call the Clark law firm today and let our experience work for you.