I was recently contacted by Repsol Oil & Gas USA, LLC for a mineral lease on property my family owns in Tioga County, PA.   Due to year end, Repsol only provided a week for a contract review, and thus time was very short.  Although I consider myself financially savvy and was able to negotiate a higher bonus payment without representation, I recognized that I was not familiar with the intricacies of mineral leasing in general and wanted to make sure that I was not being taken advantage of or signed something with unintended consequences.  After speaking to others and performing a brief search on the internet, I came across The Clark Law Firm.   Literally within hours of reaching out to the firm, I had a reply and was able to schedule a call for the very next day.  Doug Clark reviewed the materials overnight and was able to provide me some very insightful feedback and also suggestions on how to make the lease more financially beneficial.  Doug then represented my family in discussions with the Repsol agent and was able to obtain all of the suggestions he initially had –after which Doug explained every aspect of the contract to me and other members of my family.   The changes suggested negotiated by Doug put my family at ease and over the course of the lease could, assuming Repsol drills and finds gas, result in a considerably higher royalty payment than would have otherwise been obtained.   Doug did an excellent job of explaining ambiguous language and making suggestions for a clearer and more beneficial lease.  Thank you!