Even though we felt that our own negotiations with Williams had resulted in a fairly good preliminary agreement, my husband and I realized that “we don’t know what we don’t know.” So, before signing, we knew we should consult a professional about the proposed pipeline right-of-way across our property. The two most important things to us were the need to protect our property’s value for our own family’s future use, and also the desire to maximize the compensation we would receive. Through listening to his radio program, we knew that Attorney Doug Clark was extremely knowledgeable on the subject and well positioned to negotiate on our behalf. Without a doubt, Attorney Clark was the right choice. The final agreement he was able to produce gave us all the protection we needed but hadn’t even thought to demand, and also more than doubled the compensation we received.

We found him always willing to give advice but never pushy, leaving the final decisions up to us in every case. He was always a pleasure to speak with, willing to patiently explain the issues, and quickly responsive to our inquiries, as was his staff. The whole process was pleasant, and I would highly recommend that anyone who is in the position to negotiate a pipeline right-of-way consult Attorney Clark.