0 – 15 Minutes
Doug continues to discuss why landowners should avoid the “signor” tag by the company.  Doug explains the importance of not simply signing the first set of documents offered by the company landman.  How negotiation and information will lead to property owners signing the best possible gas lease, pipeline easement and other agreements that will impact future generations.

15 – 30 Minutes
Doug explains Southwestern and Chesapeake’s recent stock price decline and what these energy companies decisions to cut their acquisition budgets and stop or drastically reduce drilling have on Pennsylvania landowners.  Doug explains why landowners should not be fooled into signing agreements without considering potential future opportunities. Doug explains how when companies reduce their budgets and their drilling activity creates a bad leasing atmosphere for landowners and why landowners should consider holding off for a potential recovery of natural gas prices and increase in companies leasing budgets and drilling activities.

30 – 45 Minutes
Doug continues to explain how gas and pipeline company landman use low natural gas prices as a tool to persuade landowners to sign bad gas lease and other agreements.  Why landowners must consider passing on offers when gas companies have slashed their leasing budgets and reduced or stop drilling wells in Pennsylvania.  Doug references recent news articles reporting that Southwestern Energy Company is not planning to spend a dime on drilling new wells in Pennsylvania.  What landowners must consider and focus on when evaluating any new gas lease offer, gas lease extension or modification, or any other contract in today’s market.  However, every property owner must understand their current situation and weigh all relevant factors in making any decision impacting their property and gas rights.  Doug explains Pennsylvania’s guaranteed minimum royalty act and why landowners may want to pass on less offers for the lowest possible natural gas royalty allowed under state law.

45 – 60 Minutes
Attorney Doug Clark explains why landowners should consider low natural gas prices and the impact on Energy Company leasing budgets when considering the right time to enter into an agreement with the gas company.  Landowners must consider constrained budgets when decision whether to enter into a long term oil and gas lease for the guaranteed state minimum royalty or low compensation or royalty percentage offers.  Doug also explains how companies have stopped drilling or drastically reduced drilling horizontal wells in Pennsylvania and why landowners must consider waiting for gas markets to improve when contemplating any agreement with and oil and Gas Company.