0 – 15 Minutes
Doug dedicates this All Things Marcellus show to identifying oil and natural gas right owner “opportunities” when they are approached for new agreements, including but not limited to gas lease extensions and modifications, extensions of pipeline agreements, and all other natural gas related agreement extensions.  Doug walks listeners through a sample consultation and review with a landowner with a pending request by the gas company to extend their expiring oil and gas lease.  Doug introduces how the landowner contacted the office to begin the consultation and review process and what actually goes into the initial review and consultation when landowners send in their oil and gas lease and related documents to the office for a detailed in-office or telephone conference call.

15 – 30 Minutes
Doug continues the sample case evaluation and explains how a landowner’s existing pipeline right-of-way easement agreement impacted the landowner and their property for potential future generations. Doug discusses how a bad pipeline right-of-way agreement may greatly diminish the value of your property.  This case study presents an interesting situation where a pre-existing pipeline agreement could be eliminated and negotiated to terminate as part of the gas lease extension negotiations.  This is an example of an opportunity as a needle in a haystack and the importance of understanding what to look for when identifying potential landowner opportunities to improve oil and gas lease and pipeline agreement terms.  This is a great example of how a gas company friendly existing pipeline agreement can come back to haunt the property owner and how effective negotiations and detailed knowledge and understanding of leverage can be used to greatly benefit of the landowner. Leverage and knowledge are powerful tools for oil and gas right owners.

Doug also discusses the upcoming seminar to be scheduled in Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania for landowners only. Landowners must preregister for the free seminar which will include a questions and answer period and much more educational material and information for attendees.

30 – 45 Minutes

This segment explores the actual pipeline right-of-way agreement language in the existing agreement and why this pipeline contract was a bad agreement for the property owner.  Doug explains how this pipeline agreement did not restrict the number of pipelines that are allowed to be installed under the agreement, does not restrict the size of the pipelines, does not address or identify the location of the pipeline easement, does not restrict above the ground surface structures such as valves, pig launchers and receivers, meter sites, and others for numerous other facilities.  In fact, this agreement provides no liability and indemnification protection for the landowner. These are extremely important reasons why the landowner wants to terminate the existing pipeline easement agreement which was achieved through detailed negotiations.

45 – 60 Minutes
This segment summarizes how effective negotiations resulted in maximizing the royalty percentage, addressed royalty to deduction calculation language, per acre bonus payment, and eliminated the existing extremely gas company friendly pipeline easement agreement.  Doug explains how oil and gas agreement knowledge, information and experience can be used to identify powerful opportunities for landowners.  In this case, an oil and gas lease extension and modification offer was negotiated to increase the landowner friendly addendum terms and compensation under the existing lease and how negotiations eliminated and terminated a bad existing pipeline agreement that would have affected the property for generations.  Do not miss out on opportunities to renegotiate existing agreements and potentially other property owner benefits when presented with an offer to extend or modify any existing oil and natural gas agreement.