Segment 1: Doug discusses Pipeline Right-of-Way Agreements and how existing Oil and Gas Leases may impact a Landowner’s rights in pipeline negotiations. Doug also explains how pipeline compensation markets are develop and evolve. Also, Doug passes on some tips when dealing with the company Landman and insights into Landman tactics.

Segment 2-3: Doug breaks down current Gas Lease offer and explains concerns with lease offer. Including explanation of Royalty Provision issues, gross v. net natural gas royalties and need to understand royalty language. Explanation of Bonus Pay Term language and identifying issues and concerns with per acre bonus language.  Breakdown of Arbitration provision and explanation of issues and concerns generated by subject arbitration language. Costs and potential negatives with specific and general arbitration language.

Segment 4: Discussion regarding Oil and Gas Lease Addendum terms and explanation of “throw away” terms versus terms with substance. Quality of Addendum Terms far more important than quantity of terms.